in what should be a ‘wake-up call’ for our principal – Mr. Dan Johnson – The ‘largely uninformed’ post that he opted to make ‘from his bath’ as he ‘came alive on a Monday morning’ – has (seemingly) been ‘picked up’ by ‘the Editor at LinkedIn News’ as a comment worthy of a wider audience:- News Story Eve-Sleep-Enters-Administration

In all honesty – We were posting in relation to the relevant troubled business ventures:-

(1) As a ‘book marker’ to remind us to look more closely into matters relating to the ‘listing’ in London of the two(2) businesses involved; and

(2) As a ‘conversation starter’ (i.e. we habitually limit our initial posting text to no more than the length of a ‘Tweet’) = “Many Thanks” to those who did comment further (and thereby increased our understanding).

If anyone needs informed opinions (after we have had an opportunity to consider and form them), please don’t hesitate to contact the writer!

With Kind Regards And My Very Best Wishes


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