Dear All,

Please avoid dealing with a wide range of dubious names in the apparent world of online trading of a range of dubious financial products – i.e. CRYPTO / FX / CFDs etc. (e.g.  The names are INVXSLER, VOYTEGON, ETHPROFITS, LIBRE HOLDINGS,  INVESTING – X PTY LTD and most recently, BITBLANCO) = If you don’t want to lose ALL the monies you might be persuaded to pay to them.

Despite their usage of this firm’s name and/or logo upon legal contracts that they might produce to you (presumably to give them the credibility of some association with a highly regarded London-based / English firm of Solicitors) – We have NEVER had ANY dealings with ANY of “them” (and our only knowledge of their activities is occasional contact from their defrauded victims etc.).

They appear to be scamming people by receiving payment of their victims’ valuable fiat currency (i.e. that backed by Governments = Dollars, Pounds, Euros etc.) and offering non-existent financial assets (with fictitious values) and/or ‘impressive’ investment returns = representing nothing more than ‘numbers upon a computer screen’ (that will ultimately never be redeemable for any value = once one pays one’s money = one never sees it again).

The frauds have been evolving, and now seem to involve an (apparent) “insurance policy” (of some bizarre description) protecting “investors” from losses they might suffer (often as a pre-cursor or encouragement to scamming even more funds from their victims) – which habitually is the document which bears this firm’s name and branding.

Have a wild guess what happens when you might pay them fiat currency – even when backed by such an “insurance policy” = Answer: You will never see your ‘real money’ (ever) again  . . .

None of the relevant corporate names used by the fraudsters has any (real) connection to London (i.e. they are not incorporated nor trading in the U.K.) – But seemingly a ‘London / U.K.’ address gives credibility (and probably serves as a useful distraction as to where they are really based = Who knows?)

Their (habitual) victims seem (currently) to be based in Australia – Which apparently has a significant issue with scammers – as Australian banks are NOT generally liable for the losses suffered when monies are paid to fraudsters:-

For the record – It’s not funny when you are contacted by people who have lost “Hundreds Of Thousand” to these “scum of the earth”.

Please stay safe online / Think before you act!

+44 (0) 20 8780 3319 = London U.K. Based Landline > Global Roaming e-Voicemail

If you do receive any such documentation from fraudsters misusing this firm’s  name – We would be interested in receiving sight of the same / discussing matters with you.

Examples of earlier scams:- 

P.S. The names used by the scammers are constantly evolving – although the documentation seems very similar.


“VOYTEGON LTD.” = It’s NOT an English / United Kingdom company – despite publicising an address in East London; 

“ETHPROFITS” – Another “scamming” name being used in June 2022; 

“LIBRE HOLDINGS” – The name being used in April 2023;

“INVESTING – X PTY LTD” – The name being used in May 2023; and

“BITBLANCO” – The most recent iteration of the fraud – From December 2023.

We do what we can to protect the public – But please be on your guard – Scamming across borders is very hard to stop.

Our regulator’s latest official notice (re: Investing-X’s) false use of our name and branding is at:-