On this occasions it was:- https://www.binance.com/en

However, we see so many victims of internet based fraud – We have standard wording / text:-

F.A.O. []

Dear [],

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but from a very brief review of your circumstances – I envisage that you have been subject to a fraud and all your funds are lost.

Digital currencies are (almost) completely unregulated, and I have initial difficulty in identifying where [‘Binance’] are based – but I do to believe (on balance) it is likely to be in the U.K. (and even if you are based here), that does not necessarily make the U.K. an appropriate place to pursue a claim for recovery of your funds.

If you would like me to investigate further for you – I can discuss a formal engagement with you upon the basis of my firm’s annexed ‘Terms of Business’ (but I fear that any such further / formal involvement by professional legal advisers will merely / sadly add further costs to your existent losses).

RSVP (however) if you would like to discuss further.

With kind regards and my very best wishes (from my Private Office, London)

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