Bad Neighbours

Disputes between neighbours are not an area of legal work that this firm is habitually involved with (although any Solicitor will tell you that they will be regularly consulted upon the matter by “family and friends”!)

It is one of those areas of legal practice where “the desire for prospective clients to avail themselves of legal redress is inversely proportional to a willingness and/or ability to pay for legal professionals input” (and sadly, don’t even think that legal aid or some other alternative legal funding mechanism – e.g. “no win / no fee” is going to be available). 

This firm’s view is that it is rarely ever worth the time, stress and cost of bringing neighbour disputes to formal legal proceedings.

However, if we (or those we might refer you to) can’t realistically “help” with a set of circumstances (in practice), we follow a mantra that we will try and guide you to some public information that may help – and H.M. Government (in the United Kingdom) provides a lot of useful information online on many such similar subjects.

Some useful advise from a U.K. Govt. website is available at:- 

We hope that that this helps.


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