We are delighted to share with you the news that we have recently received from “Lawyer Monthly” – With regard to their ‘Legal Awards 2022’ (Recognising achievement and success in the legal industry).

We are in receipt of a 2022 “Lawyer “Monthly ‘Legal Award’, for a category win in: Best Contract Lawyers– UK

Lawyer Monthly has offered us their warmest congratulations upon our achievement – and we look forward to seeing the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 winners publication (as shortly to be issued) which will showcase this year’s selected winners and celebrate the outstanding work done by U.K. legal professionals and organisations at a national and international level.

Now in its 13th year, the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards are designed to identify and celebrate the achievements of dynamic people and businesses comprising the legal sector.

The awards have been developed to celebrate the leaders, innovators and rising stars within law and the achievements and successes of the best and brightest.

Their categories are designed to encourage nominations from business and the legal fraternity while also offering individual and team accolades.

Last year their 12th Annual Legal Award presentation edition was distributed to over 455,000 global businesses and viewed online by over 1.28 million users.

Selection Process and Criteria

The selection process follows a four-stage process; editorial nominations, readership voting, shortlisting and the finalists selection.

  • Nominations are put forward by the editorial panel for both individual lawyers, law firms and businesses based on the previous 12-18 months.
  • The Lawyer Monthly readership then have their say by way of the voting process. The voting process is conducted via the online voting portal and is open to magazine subscribers, readers and the public for a 12 – week period. The voting process began June with the announcement that votes were now being accepted.
  • After applications close, the applicants are shortlisted during a pre-selection process at Lawyer Monthly Magazine’s headquarters. Our finalists were selected by our editorial team to contest for the various sector and categories. Finalists were shortlisted and selected based on:
    • Volume of votes received
    • Impact
    • Client recommendations
    • Innovation
    • Evidence of going above and beyond their call of duty and overall impact
  • Next, the judging panel reviews the shortlisted applicants via a confidential online platform. Each applicant is given a score based on their achievements in their role during the past 12-18 months. The applicants who receive the highest scores for each category/region achieve the sector accolade.

As experts in their industries with vast experience in their own careers, the esteemed judges are well-equipped to effectively critique the work of their peers.

The premier annual title, “Lawyer Monthly” features lawyers, firms and businesses from highly respected and innovative brands who have been nominated, voted for, shortlisted and selected for recognition.

Through their four editorial cornerstones – Inspire, Innovate, Invest and Indulge – they delve deeper into the professional lives of lawyers and those connected to law.

“Lawyer Monthly”‘s content creates conversations on all platforms, while their voice is the one that matters to decision makers and game changers.

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