It’s not at all uncommon in my practice to be contacted by a business or their owners who have clearly realised they have some sort of business-related problem which they need help with.

It’s often quite surprising to me to see how ‘worked up’ they can get about matters – although I remember circa six months of my sleep being interrupted early in my career when I thought I might have ‘such a problem’.

Unlike medical staff (who have my fullest sympathy) – It usually isn’t a matter of life or death (or serious personal injury) – Any problems which do exist can usually be solved with a little time and effort (or may in fact – not exist at all, when the circumstances are properly examined).

Often, the best person to bring a business related problem to – is a transactional company / corporate lawyer (like me!) – because ‘we’ve often seen the problem before’.

One of the stages in a business transaction is known as ‘due diligence’ – during which the person ‘exchanging (say) hard cash for business assets’ (the ‘Buyer’ or the ‘Investor’) makes sure that they have overcome the usual position at English law of ‘buyer beware’ (caveat emptor) – i.e. Made sure that they have not bought / invested in a ‘pig in a poke’ – i.e. they have really ‘kicked the tyres’ of their deal and are comfortable they know all the issues – which are accordingly reflected in the price.

The ‘due diligence’ process – time and again – reveals the same problems and transactional company / corporate lawyers habitually know how to sort the issues (or we ‘know a.n.other person who can’) – usually because we had to think about something similar in a meeting room in the small hours of a morning several years ago!

“Come On Down” (The Price is Right)!

Seriously though – ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ . . .

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