As a firm, we have noticed that all sorts of cyber-crime appears over recent periods to be on the rise.

There seem to be a number of drivers for this  – the most alarming of which is that we are informed that artificial intelligence is now being introduced into the field with the fraudsters using it to identify naive / gullible / careless individuals.  Don’t let it be you that is a victim!

We can all help to fight back against #cyber-#scammers (the bain of this firm of #Solicitors – and may like us!) by sending screen prints of relevant texts (SMSs) and forwarding relevant emails to: 

Let the National Cyber Security Centre (a branch of GCHQ) deal with them – as – you (and we) don’t have time to wade though these time wasters communications!

Report To The National Cyber Security Center (NCC)

I hope this ‘helps’ you – and – let’s all try and “Stay Safe Out There”.


Reference Web-link(s):-

P.S. Please note that one of this firm’s Private Equity / Venture Capital backed (established / historic) clients suffered a data breach, belive to arise from ‘phishers’ managing to have accessed their data systems  – as announced only recently.

This firm’s clients had recently been in receipt of a GBP £x million development capital investment / injection of cash – which had been widely publicised by the PE House (& the recipient company) = Hence the fraudsters knew that it was likely that the recipient company’s bank account had a substantial sum of money within it.

Luckily, no monies were ‘stolen’ on this occasion, but it should be a wake-up call to us all!