Equitable Law has great pleasure to announce that Lawyer International (“LI”) has recently announced the “Legal 100” for 2023, recognizing the select 100 leading professional firms and individuals – globally, who are noted for their individual areas of specialisation, within their geographical locations.


Over the last twelve months, LI analysed over 250,000 votes, provided via third-party nomination, and they have now announced a comprehensive breakdown of who is included in the Legal 100 – 2023.

The world’s leading professional firms and individuals are called upon to assist with transactional and corporate matters continually – Helping transactional teams on matters of vital importance in areas associated with the relevant geographic location and the sector that a business may operate within.

Firms and individuals with expertise and experience in legal aspects of regulatory, compliance, property, environmental, fund formation, technology, employment, banking, corporate, M&A, private equity, insurance & due diligence (amongst others) all rank high on the agenda.

Recognising the experience and skills that many firms have, LI seeks to identify those who as recognised as leaders in their field.

LI’s – Legal 100 – 2023 – Awards recognize a select number of leading professional firms and individuals, across the globe, for their areas of experience and expertise.

During the judging process, several factors are considered.  The voting readers are asked to identify those firms and individuals that are noted for having a high degree of ability in complex situations and those that continually innovate. Their level of service is of great importance, as is overall value for money, in a tough global economy.

The Legal 100 – 2023 – Awards provide the Global readership with a definitive guide to those firms, and individuals, that truly are the most able, within all areas, across all geographical locations that the monthly magazine reaches.

The 2023 edition will also include a diverse section, that’s non-legal, showcasing leading corporations, organisations and individuals, that are leading the sectors they operate within, Game Changers, if you will, in their respective industries.

Across all regions, it is important to recognize that many firms and individuals are notable and very able, but few can really consider themselves as being the firm and individual of choice within a certain practice area, or practice areas, within a specific geographical location.

The Legal 100 – 2023 – Awards exist to showcase those firms and individuals that continually provide the client with an outstanding level of service, demonstrating an incredibly high degree of ability, whilst delivering the outstanding results that are synonymous with firms and individuals of this calibre.

Nominations were received across LI’s entire global readership, a judging panel consisting of in-house counsel, individuals within both the world of Banking and Private Equity, as well as corporations, both public and private.

LI also received a large degree of nominations from the corporate finance industry, from senior individuals within areas such as investment banking, as these individuals will often experience the sheer tenacity of those involved in transactions alongside them and the other advisors, required within the transaction team.

In summary, for a firm and individual to be recognised as a winner in Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 – 2023 – Awards there needs to be evidence of unquestionable ability, endorsed with positive comments from both clients and peers.

The Legal 100 – 2023 special edition will be published shortly.

Equitable Law are pleased to announce our accolade in Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 – 2023 – Awards, in the category of:-

“Best Lawyer of the Year – 2023 – London, UK”

We are also nominated in Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 – 2024 – Awards, in the category of:

“Excellence in Legal Services – 2024”

We will aim to keep you updated.

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