This is a hasty note – related to an email-based scam that one of this firm’s contacts/clients fell victim to and which caused them to lose a significant six-figure sum!

We annex an example of an e-mail sent to the writer, received recently, and which you will note appears to have originated with me.

Presumably, people’s greed will cause them to click the link without thinking whether it contains a virus (= It does).

How this ‘scam’ appears to work – is via an ability within various e-mail programmes – including Microsoft Outlook – for someone to send an e-mail under an alias.

Legitimately, this functionality is used by (say) personal assistants/secretaries to send emails on their co-worker’s behalf.

In the case of the annexed copy e-mail – when I test replied to it – it returned to me.

The moral is – simply because an e-mail appears to come from a particular person (and the e-mail address is correct) – that email need not have originated from that person you think it did.

Sadly, the bonus I appeared to have awarded myself = An illusion!

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