One of the aspects of being a lawyer to entrepreneurial businesses (largely) in (and around) London and the South-East of England is that “over the decades” I have come across rather more “business ventures” that have featured upon “Dragons Den” than I care to admit to myself.

The (rarely publicised) truth is that very few of the ventures featured ever go on to some sort of success (“Reggae Reggae Sauce”) – Although there was also a kids’ roll-on suitcase venture which achieved sales despite not being “backed”.

I was reminded this afternoon of a venture that approached me a decade ago – that was very proud of having featured on the. show, and which had fabulous press attention.

Sadly, I quickly realised that the founder was getting much of the televisual attention – because she was a very attractive former model.

The venture was utterly hopeless – although the entrepreneur was married to a City of London dealer – fully prepared to subsidise the losses in his wife’s business (so that she could cosplay as a successful businesswoman).

The reminder of the venture’s existence this afternoon came about – because I still get notified when the statutory accounts are filed.

Another GBP £600K plus loss in this last year!

I will aim to extend this “no names” post (time willing) – So that it sounds less misogynist!

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