We wanted to take a moment to warn all those looking to sell their businesses to take huge care – As “Exit – UK Business Brokers” neatly summarise at the web-page set out below:-

http://ukbusinessbrokers.com/business-transfer-agents-reviews/ = “Client Feedback On Business Brokers & Business Transfer Agents They Used”

As a firm that trades under the strapline – “Solicitors For Business” – We receive a considerable number of enquiries (after the event) from those who have “fallen victim” to “sharp trading practices” in what are purported to be business to business (B2B) contracts (that are thereby characterised – as not benefiting from the EU originated unfair contract terms in consumer contracts legislation.

The outrageous instances of business broker behaviour that we frequently see generally involve brokers making fantastical promises to business owners that they will sell their company / business / lease at huge valuations, signing those business owners up a standard form (with small print) that the business owners don’t read nor understand > followed by completely ineffective action on the brokers part – eventually followed up by aggressive debt collection techniques (usually against the business owners as individuals) whatever the sale outcome – often none at all.

You have been warned!

if you would like to discuss any aspects / issues raised above – please feel free to contact the writer:-

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N.B. Posted Reference: “The Hall of Shame” : Intended To Be Undated >

https://kingsbusiness.co.uk = “Kings Corporate / Professional / Business” – “Observed” claiming £xx,000 against a seriously unwell former business owner – after they failed to transfer two London (2) leases and the relevant businesses operating from the leased addresses dissolved.

They are seemingly a division of Altius Group Limited – Doing very nicely from the human misery they produce:-