This firm’s prospective client was talking to us about the production of a bespoke set of Articles of Association to deal with some very specific requirements they have.

We made a very sensible fee proposal to them, but didn’t hear back from them

We’ve just seen them file new Articles at Companies House – Which look like this:-

Contact’s New Articles of Association 

We got an opportunity to speak with them and point out that their new Articles contain NONE of the provisions they discussed with me.

In fact, the relevant Articles they have filed are the ‘Model Articles’ – which secondary legislation under the Companies Act 2006 would specify for any U.K. company limited by shares which did not adopt a bespoke constitution.

The Companies Act 2006 – Model Articles

The prospective client then sheepishly ‘confessed’ that he’d opted to buy some Articles from an ‘Independent Lawyer’ – Half the price of our fee quote, but still much more money than was due for clicking a web-link!

I’ll record this as my advice that you should always take “sensible” advice from a “proper” professional on your proposals (bearing in mind the impact upon you/your business – arising from what is being proposed).

I AM a fully qualified English Solicitor working through my own authorised and regulated Solicitors practice (in England), – Which status – I suggest you check with such others who respond to your request for services.

Please be careful = Non-expert and inexperienced layman can nevertheless call themselves a “lawyer” completely freely in this jurisdiction (and leave you to subsequently discover why they were not qualified etc. to legally advise and assist = repent, at your leisure) . . .