The newly refurbished ‘Equitable Law — Private Office’ – included a specification/requirement for a CHO (Chief Hound Officer) viewing window.

How else are Miles and Wilma going to see squirrels outside, and aggressively bark furiously upon a multi-party trans-World conference call . . .

Our best friend in the whole world, ‘Miles’ (the Short-Legged = ‘Shortie’ Jack Russell) came from Battersea Dog’s Home (Five (5) years ago) = Released to us after (the then) Prince Charles’ man from St. James’ Palace rejected him from joining the (then) Prince of Wales’ Highgrove pack – Due to his damaged leg.

Our frequent guest, ‘Wilma’ (the miniature Daschund) is a former Northern Ireland Security Services ‘Culvert Dog’ = Bred for crawling up small drainage spaces = Usually under a road – So as to ensure that the Provisionals have not inserted explosive devices there.

She’s not very bright (= failed training) and identifies every half-drunk can of lager she finds on the streets of South London as an IED = That we must deal with – by emptying out and placing it/them in a bin (right in the middle of COVID lockdowns).

She’s still upon ‘recall’ – Should the British authorities need/want her earthquake scent hound training.

You have to love them = Do you not? . . .

Please let us know if you are interested in more updates from the Equitable Law kennel.