As a firm – We are seeing a considerable increase in those targeted in some variety of potential ‘advance fee fraud’ – Most frequently a variant upon the ‘offered loan or investment’ scam:-

The key-give away is that at some point in the process (and it may not be obvious from the start) – the intended victim of such a fraud will be required to pay monies to the fraudster (usually described as legal, financing, enabling or some other such fee = meaning that monies are ‘flowing the wrong way’!)

The fraudsters all have common characteristics – Such as an inability to ascertain (with any certainty) whom one believes one may be dealing with – and while they may utilise a ‘Grand Sounding Name’ (which usually – sounds similar to genuine investment managers / funds etc.) they would appear to be of little to no substance – e.g. websites no longer valid etc.

Almost certainly, one will be unable to identify anyone (let alone a genuine) person by the name given – let alone associate them with any genuine entity – not find any ‘real’ physical presence etc.

It would (almost certainly) be ‘overkill’ – but the fraudsters usually recite that they have investment monies which are lodged in a bank (in a respected financial center) – and if so, one should be fully entitled to ask for verification of that fact or ‘proof of funds’ – i.e. an appropriate copy of a statement from the relevant bank etc. = Which, we have (little to no) doubt will not be forthcoming.

Remember – “If it looks too good to be true – then it almost certainly is”.

We would like to think that we can spot such frauds reasonably quickly – so do please contact us is if you would appreciate our ‘help’.


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